Beltone Legend™ is a Leader

Your hearing and hearing loss are just as unique as you are. How you experience hearing loss and what pitches and sounds are challenging will differ from someone else’s. Beltone Legend™ is designed to offer superior adaptability and personalization to conform to your specific needs.

Hearing Personalized For You

Beltone Legend™ hearing aids combine slim and lightweight designs with our most advanced 2.4GHz technology to provide astounding clarity and personalization without having to sacrifice discretion or comfort. This technology delivers a cleaner and richer three-dimensional hearing experience while automatically adjusting to your environment and eliminating distractions and feedback.

Along with our Beltone HearPlus™ app that allows you to discreetly connect with digital devices, these incredible state-of-the-art features make the Beltone Legend™ a leader of the digital hearing aid market:


Crosslink Directionality™

It allows the device to recognize and react to the sound environment and adjust settings automatically to provide the best listening experience in every situation.


Feedback Eraser™

Catches and erases buzzing, hissing, and whistling noises that can occur with many hearing aids when they are close to particular objects and devices.


Smart Gain Pro™

Assesses and prioritizes incoming sounds as they reach your ear, balancing out the volume on certain sounds while reducing the volume with others to ensure you hear clearly.


Personal Sound ID™

It provides sound into your inner ear at normalized volumes so that you hear a more natural sound that resonates correctly to you without any extraneous distractions that can make it hard to hear clearly.


Wireless Integration

Easily enables you to wirelessly connect with common audio devices, including iPhones, iPads, TVs, and many other devices, so that you can receive sound from them directly into your Beltone hearing aid.


HBF80 NanoBlock™

Coating blocks dust and dirt and helps repel moisture.

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The Beltone Legend™ delivers an exceptional combination of adaptability and performance that makes it capable of fitting 90% of hearing losses. The first step in finding out which Beltone models are best for your unique hearing loss is to schedule a free hearing evaluation. Our friendly and informative hearing experts will help you through the entire process and show you which options and features will be most beneficial for your needs.


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