hearing aid batteries
Oct 08, 2020

Do Hearing Aid Batteries Expire?

As with all batteries, hearing aid batteries do eventually expire. The average hearing aid battery has a package shelf life of approximately four years. When buying batteries for your hearing aid, always check the expiration date on the package. While it is a good idea to stock up to have a sufficient supply to meet your needs for a few months or so, too large of a stockpile can result in waste. To avoid wasting hearing aid batteries by not using them before they expire, always use the closest

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Improve Sleep
Sep 24, 2020

Can Hearing Aids Help Improve Sleep?

Your health could be negatively impacted if you do not get enough sleep. Even a few cups of coffee won't help after having less than seven hours of sleep and waking up feeling dazed and weak. You might be shocked by learning that hearing loss can be contributed to the loss of sleep. That is very understandable. Luckily, a hearing aid can help a great deal. Studies suggest that you can sleep better at night with these little devices. How Does Loss of Hearing Impact Sleep? Despite feeling tired

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Glasses With Hearing Aids
Sep 09, 2020

Tips to Wearing Your Glasses With Hearing Aids

Aging may bring about wisdom, but for some people, it also brings about physical changes. As we get older, it's not uncommon to experience changes in our hearing and vision. So, when it comes to wearing glasses and a hearing aid, some people might have trouble wearing them together. Read on to learn tips for wearing your glasses with hearing aids. Know Your Style of Hearing Aid The key to wearing glasses and hearing aids starts with the type of hearing aid you need. There are various types of

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Hearing Health
Aug 27, 2020

Can COVID-19 Increase My Chances of Hearing Loss?

There is a lot about COVID-19 that we don’t understand at this point. Caused by the novel coronavirus, COVID-19 can cause several issues when a person is sick with the virus and after a person has gotten better. While most of the symptoms associated with this virus are related to the respiratory tract, people can also experience long term problems with other areas of their body. Long Term Effects You might be surprised to hear that studies were conducted on patients with COVID-19. Still, some

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