Hearing Impaired Guests
Nov 18, 2021

Enjoy Thanksgiving Celebrations With Hearing Aids

Thanksgiving is often a busy time for many households. Even if you're not the one hosting the big meal, you may be heading over to a friend or family member's home that will be just as bustling. All this activity can make it difficult to communicate with friends and loved ones if you have hearing loss. This could also be the case if you're already a hearing aid user. If this applies to you, here are some things we recommend keeping in mind to enjoy your next Thanksgiving celebration. Ask About

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Driving Safely
Nov 04, 2021

Tips For Driving Safely With Hearing Loss

About a third of adults 65 and older have some degree of hearing loss, a figure that gets even higher later into life. However, individuals with hearing loss, on average, wait about seven years before discussing their concerns with a doctor or hearing care specialist. It's not technically illegal to drive a car with hearing impairment –although some states do have vehicle requirements for drivers with hearing loss. But it is important to stay safe while driving. Below, we offer tips for driving

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Protect Your Hearing Aids
Oct 28, 2021

Tricks (and Treats) To Protect Your Hearing Aids This Halloween

Halloween is nearly upon us, and with that comes enjoying your grandkids in costume, spooky music, movies, decorations, and the buckets of candy. Halloween is a great holiday to celebrate, but if you have hearing loss and wear hearing aids, you will want to take some precautions when you are out and about for Halloween. Check Your Batteries When it comes to getting ready for Halloween, one of the first things that you should do is to make sure that your hearing aids are fully charged. Your aids

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Stress and Hearing Health
Oct 11, 2021

How Stress Can Affect Your Hearing Health

Many people live with levels of high stress and anxiety. This can be either from work, school, or other personal issues. When you deal with high stress, it can cause a wide variety of health issues. That includes issues with hearing loss and other hearing problems. Is there anything you can do to fix this before it becomes a problem? Yes, and it might be easier than you think. Can Stress Cause Hearing Loss? Yes, stress can cause hearing loss, and it can happen at any age. When you are under a

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