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Nov 05, 2018

How To Manage Your Child's Hearing Loss

If your child has hearing loss there are some things that you can do to help. While hearing loss will provide an extra challenge for the child, it will not hold them back from learning or communicating. Here are some hearing care tips to help your child reach their milestones. Get Answers Early Signs of hearing loss in infants can present very early on, so exposing your baby to sound sooner than later can help you determine if a hearing test is needed. If they have a hearing loss issue, they

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Oct 17, 2018

How To Clean Your Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are important tools to those with a hearing impairment. It helps people to be capable of socializing with others and talk to their friends. In more serious matters, it may help them in their careers by allowing them to listen better to their bosses, or clients. Research has also shown that hearing aids may help stave off the possible consequences that come with hearing loss, which are an increased risk of developing dementia or depression. Hearing aid users will need to wear their

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Oct 03, 2018

What is Conductive Hearing Loss

Despite its size, the ear is made of many different parts. Each one has a role of its own, contributing to our ability to perceive sound. Hearing loss is divided into types, depending on the segment that has complications. A sensorineural hearing loss is the most common and is caused by damage done on the inner ear. This is usually permanent, as components within this area of the ear are extremely delicate. Next in line would be the conductive hearing loss, which means the outer and middle

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Sep 15, 2018

3 Health Effects of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a condition that’s pretty self-explanatory. It is the impairment of the sense of perceiving sound. This may be total or partial, which is usually the case and can easily be treated through hearing aids. Unfortunately, there are those with this disability who go without medical care and attention. Some may be in denial of the current state of their ears, others may find it more financially convenient to ignore it and proceed with life. Whatever the reason, it does not change the

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Sep 01, 2018

3 Types of Headphones To Prevent Hearing Loss

Headphones are great tools to easily listen to things privately without worrying about being a hassle to others due to the noise your device is making. This is a great feat of technology, but it also has its drawbacks. These have been one of the culprits to have increased “Noise-Induced Hearing Loss” among the youth. When used, it’s placed into the ear and close to the rest of the auditory system. This heightens the risk it poses to our hearing. Excessively loud sounds damaging to the ears are

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Aug 15, 2018

Are Diabetes And Hearing Loss Related?

The body is made to try and combat any elements that may try and bring disease and damage to its different components. However this does not mean that we are indestructible as we are made to believe by the cartoons we’ve watched as kids where a man could walk off the most deadly of incidents like it’s nothing. Two such illnesses that may be acquired by a person is diabetes and hearing loss. The two ma seem like an unlikely pair that is thought by many to have no connection whatsoever. Studies

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Aug 01, 2018

4 Myths About Hearing Loss

An impairment in hearing is well known to many but fully grasped by few. There are misconceptions by people that may hinder themselves or others from getting the necessary treatment they need. Though we may never fully know where these false beliefs are rooted from, these must be shut down immediately to avoid the damage they pose towards victims who might choose to put their faith in these hoaxes. Surgery Will Fix It Surgeries do play a role in fixing some cases of hearing loss, but

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Jul 16, 2018

3 Ways To Communicate With The Hearing Impaired

When you know someone who is impaired of hearing you must exercise caution when communicating with them. People react to things differently. While some individuals with hearing loss are still able to socialize well and remain confident, others may not be as composed. Some may have grown with low self-esteem and their disability may have worsened the way they interact with others. Others may have been subject to ridicule due to their inability to hear as their peers do. Given also that they

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Jul 02, 2018

3 Issues Caused By Swimmer's Ear

The auditory system is a complex network of parts which allows a person to perceive sound. Though safety measures were put into place, in order to prevent this system from being in a harmful situation, given the right circumstance, it still prone to ailments and damage. One such condition which is not known by most is acute otitis externa, or also known as swimmer’s ear which is a complication that is quite painful. Swimmers are usually the victims of this, thus the name. Why Swimmers? You

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Jun 15, 2018

3 Causes of Sudden Hearing Loss

When you start to notice that you are having a sudden trouble hearing on one side, this is the cause of sudden hearing loss. This condition can develop within the span of a couple of a few hours with a maximum reach of 72 hours in the inner ear, and if not taken care of properly it can result to a permanent hearing loss. According to research, tinnitus, a condition where one can hear ringing in their ears, can occur with sudden hearing loss as one of the factors along with dizziness and ear

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