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3 Health Effects of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a condition that’s pretty self-explanatory. It is the impairment of the sense of perceiving sound. This may be total or partial, which is usually the case and can easily be treated through hearing aids.

Unfortunately, there are those with this disability who go without medical care and attention. Some may be in denial of the current state of their ears, others may find it more financially convenient to ignore it and proceed with life. Whatever the reason, it does not change the fact that hearing loss that goes untreated has consequences.


Dementia is a general term for types of illnesses which are characterized by the deterioration of mental functions of the brain. People with hearing loss are at a higher risk of developing this the longer they go untreated.

It’s seen that a mild case increases the chances by three times while a severe one makes the person five times more susceptible to dementia.

It hasn’t been confirmed as to the real reason behind this link between the two, but researchers and experts in this field theorize that this is due to the fact that the minimization of the capacity to hears puts a strain in the brain as it tries harder to recognize noises. A whole lot of resources is being allotted to interpreting these sounds which could have been used for other elements of the brain.


A research has revealed that 11% of those with hearing loss are experiencing depression. This is an alarming amount.

How does the loss of hearing push a person to become depressed? This is because listening is an important component when taking part in a conversation. You need to be able to receive the message and comprehend it so that you could then reply, but that is hard when you can’t hear as well as others. Those with an impairment in perceiving sound might not pick-up words properly. This is a recipe for miscommunication.

For those with peers or relatives who aren’t made aware of this condition might end up being the subject of ridicule. Whether they do or not, they might become hesitant to interact with others due to their auditory problem do they prefer isolation. Most people cannot handle long periods of time without the company of others. This would then result in depression.

Compromised Vestibular System

The vestibular system is responsible for providing the body with spatial orientation and balance. Depending on the type of hearing loss you have, this may become compromised.

This is because some of the parts that make up the inner ear are also what comprises the vestibular system. If you have a sensorineural hearing loss then chances are, these same elements are damaged.

If this happens you become more in danger of falling in contrast to others without this. Luckily research has found that hearing aids could correct this.

Given that there are more recent revelations of illnesses being associated with other medical complications, this gives us more reason to strive for good overall health because contracting one form of sickness might mean acquiring more. To learn how to protect your hearing, see your local audiologist. Call Chicago Beltone at (888) 485-5452 to set an appointment.