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4 Myths About Hearing Loss

An impairment in hearing is well known to many but fully grasped by few. There are misconceptions by people that may hinder themselves or others from getting the necessary treatment they need. Though we may never fully know where these false beliefs are rooted from, these must be shut down immediately to avoid the damage they pose towards victims who might choose to put their faith in these hoaxes.

Surgery Will Fix It

Surgeries do play a role in fixing some cases of hearing loss, but unfortunately this is only for a few specific types of this impairment. A large majority have their disabilities permanently. That said, you must not worry though as other procedures may be available to address this problem.

My Hearing Loss Problem Cannot Be Solved

A direct opposite and a more pessimistic view in contrast to what was stated earlier, some people may choose to conclude themselves that their hearing loss is something that they’ll have to learn to live with and no one could probably solve this.

As stated in the earlier myth we debunked, most issues will be permanent and cannot be resolved with a medical operation. Hearing aids however is prescribed to the majority and these devices are able to give you back your normal hearing or something close to it.

Other forms of treatment are available depending on the factors surrounding your complication. It’s important to have this examined by a professional so they may guide you on what form of remedy best suits you.

Hearing Aids Will Help My Ears Recover

Many misunderstand the role that hearing aids play. Some confuse these to actually aid in the recovery of your ears. If your doctor has recommended you to use these devices, that usually means your auditory system cannot be brought back to what it used to be.

Your hearing aids are merely tools to amplify sound and you’ll most likely have to wear this for the rest of your life. Don’t fret though as many people in this situation lead very happy and meaningful lives. These devices have become essential equipment that has helped them achieve this.

Of course consult your healthcare professional about this as they will be the best to recommend you on your options.

Hearing Aids Will Further Destroy My Ears

Some fear these devices as they are thought to bring further harm to the ears and may in fact make things much louder then needed. While this may be a possibility, this rarely ever happens as trained experts are in charge of adjusting your hearing aids to fit your requirements. These are customized to amplify sounds only as what is needed by you, no more no less.

They may make mistakes sometimes but these are very rare occurrences and usually only have minor errors which you could have adjusted again by a quick trip to their office.

Take note though to avoid purchasing ones off the internet as these almost surely are going to fall short in service as they are unable to be present to personally see you test the devices and see how you respond to it.

These myths normally become implanted in the minds of people who proceed with hearing loss alone when they don’t need to and should actually not. Make sure to visit the appropriate professional, such as an ENT so they may guide you and answer any inquiries you may have. We at Chicago Beltone would love to answer any of your questions. Call us at (888) 485-5452.