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4 Questions To Ask Your Audiologist

When it comes to your health, take nothing to chance. See to it that you are proactive enough to look for information that could benefit you in this department. Ask the right questions for better comprehension and so you know the necessary steps you need to take, whether it be in treatment or prevention.

Many of us are too embarrassed to ask questions that could be important to us, even when it involves our health. We should gain an alleviation of our fears when we realize the fact that these specific healthcare professionals would be happy to educate us on matters of the auditory system so as long as it helps in the betterment of our hearing health.

Location & Hours

This may stray a bit further from the subject of hearing health, but this is essential as a professional that is located close to you, or maybe your workplace, would be convenient on your part. This way you can schedule a routine check-up which is a healthy practice that should be applied by each and everyone of us.

Knowing the operating hours would also give us an idea if it coincides with your daily schedule. A clinic close by, but operating at times that conflict with yours would prove pointless and defeat the very purpose of having an audiologist with a favorable location.

What Type of Hearing Loss Do I Have?

To those who are hearing impaired, this is an especially essential questions as a person must be informed with the conditions they are experiencing. Through this, they can get a better idea of the degree of hearing loss, and what changes in their lifestyle might be needed to better cater to this ailment.

There are different types of hearing loss. Of these many types, there are also those that are temporary, and those that are permanent.

What Treatment Can We Do For My Hearing Loss?

For those experiencing temporary hearing loss, you usually only have to wait it out. For those caused by earwax build-up, your healthcare professional could easily wash these out.

Permanently hearing-impaired individuals still have procedures that they can go through to alleviate the consequences that come with this disability, so don’t worry. Mostly hearing aids would be prescribed. Your audiologist will prescribe you with the appropriate kind of hearing devices based on your needs, and preferences. On the other hand, for more severe cases there is always surgery.

How Often Will I Need to See You?

The frequency of needed appointments with an audiologist will always differ from person to person depending on their conditions. For those with hearing aids, these appointments will serve as sessions for your audiologist to perform vital adjustments on your devices so these can better carry out its purpose. They may also do examinations to see if these are still in good shape and are able to function properly.

Not to worry though as your hearing healthcare professional will also give you instructions on the operation and maintenance of your hearing aids to minimize the need for visits to their clinics.

It would be fit to see your audiologists as partners for your hearing health. Listen to their recommendations and put to practice anything they suggest you to do. See one of Chicago Beltone’s trusted professionals. Call us at (888) 485-5452.