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5 Signs Your Child Might Have A Hearing Problem

There is a tendency for children to not report to their parents certain problems or ailments that trouble them. This is why parents must be keen and proactive in trying to spot something wrong going on with their kids.

A study shows that five out of one thousand children, from the ages three to seventeen, suffer from hearing loss. The causes can range from having obtained this upon birth, or acquiring it after birth due to different factors.

Prefers Gadgets In Excessively Loud Volumes

Observe your child when they’re watching television. Do they prefer it loud while others in your family ask that it be turned down? If this is not the case, see it does not happen with other gadgets in the house, such as when they are using tablets, phones or computers, particularly when they’re using devices like earphones.

This could be a sign that they are suffering from a certain degree of hearing loss. Aside from that, extremely loud noises can be damaging to the ears. Make sure that the volume be turned down to one that is safe for listening.

Hard Time Hearing In Noisy Locations

When the rest of your family is able to converse naturally in a noisy place, while your child seems to find it hard trying to perceive what you are saying, this is a red flag. Observe to know if this is a natural occurrence. Other factors could’ve affected a single event such as the location or being distracted by something else.

Does Not Pay Attention

Children naturally have short attention spans and find it difficult to focus on what they don’t see as entertaining, but a lack of focus can also be a result of a hearing impairment. Because of this they’re unable to hear you well which makes paying attention more tough for them. In more severe cases of hearing problems, the added effort to listen in would be unproductive.

Another sign is often missing out on details of a conversation. They may also appear forgetful, and unable to remember what you said because they didn’t hear it at all.

Bad Performance In School

The inability to hear will affect their school life. When they can’t listen to the teacher’s entire discussion, they’d choose not to listen at all and turn their attention to other things. They might also bother their classmates, affecting their learning and performance in school. A teacher may wrongly call out the child when the problem was their hearing.

Prefers A Certain Ear

Look at your child when they try and listen to a conversation, the radio, the television and whatnot. Do they tilt or turn their head so a certain ear is always turned to the source of the sound? This is usually the case when one ear is suffering from an incapacity to perceive sound.

As the parent, take good care of your child’s hearing. Avoid exposing them to ear-damaging noises, and be careful with the medications they take as some can cause degradation of hearing. Avoid exposing their ears from cold for long periods of time. Have them wear the necessary protective gears if unavoidable. For more tips, call Chicago Beltone at (888) 485-5452.