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7 Ways To Decrease Your Dementia Risk

Dementia is not a particular illness but instead it is a type of mental disease which has detrimental repercussions towards a person’s cognitive abilities, even affecting one’s past memories. If you’ve witnessed a loved one experience this, or have seen it being portrayed in movies, then you know how crucial it is to try and increase your chances of avoiding this condition.

The steps to take when trying to keep away from dementia is not complex and is very much achievable. What’s only needed is discipline to incorporate all of these into your lifestyle.

Increase Brain Activity

Just like a muscle that is regularly used, the brain gets stronger and stays sharp when it is constantly being put to work. Undertake in mental exercises such as solving puzzles and playing chess. For the youth or those who are more attuned to today’s handheld devices, a lot of applications are available that put your cognitive skills to the test.

Physical Exercise

When speaking of your psychological health, your physical body also plays a role in keeping it in good condition. Make it a routine to work out regularly, especially ones that are cardiovascular in nature as it strengthens your heart. Remember your heart is the one in charge of delivering oxygen and other nutrients around your body. If this is weak, it may not put in a sufficient amount of blood towards the brain thus depriving it of its needs.

Physical exercise also lowers cortisol quantity and increases the development of memory neurons.

Keep Your Head Safe

Though we encourage you to partake in physical exercises, you should think twice before considering contact sports as your choice. Getting hit on the head has often lead to dementia in the future. Most especially when it leads to a person to becoming unconscious.

When riding a motorcycle always wear a helmet and when in a car put on your seatbelt. These safety measures are their for a reason.

Moderate Alcohol Consumption

Nothing is wrong with alcohol in general, but too much of it can have multiple negative impacts on your health including your brain. It’s common knowledge that this chemical kills brain cells but many ignore this and continue to take take excessive amounts of it anyway.

Stop Smoking

This is mostly coupled by heavy drinking but unlike its counterpart, even an occasional cigarette is not at all good. It’s ideal to totally quit this vice. Smoking can increase your risk of dementia by 45% as it brings unfavorable results to your heart and lungs.

Take Care Of Hearing Health

Research shows that people with impaired hearing are more likely to have ramifications towards your cognitive capacity. If you do have problems in hearing, refer this to a doctor and have it treated. Treatment can vary from hearing aids to surgeries.


It seems that a person’s psychological welfare is not restricted by the individual’s cognitive well-being and physical health, but also towards one’s interactions with others. It’s unsure how this exactly helps but it has been seen that people with a great social life are less likely to have dementia.

Our hearing plays a greater role in our overall health than we’re mostly aware of but it’s given much less attention than it should. Be sure to have it checked regularly by a proper health expert. Book a time to see one at Chicago Beltone by calling us at (888) 485-5452. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff would be happy to assist.