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Are Diabetes And Hearing Loss Related?

The body is made to try and combat any elements that may try and bring disease and damage to its different components. However this does not mean that we are indestructible as we are made to believe by the cartoons we’ve watched as kids where a man could walk off the most deadly of incidents like it’s nothing.

Two such illnesses that may be acquired by a person is diabetes and hearing loss. The two ma seem like an unlikely pair that is thought by many to have no connection whatsoever. Studies though may contest on that notion as it has seen that this duo may have a link that we’ve yet fully understand.


If you aren’t yet familiar with this condition, it is caused by having an excessive volume of sugar within your blood. There is debate about this though as whether sugar directly causes this or if it only promotes this and that there are other factors in play that contribute to this sickness. One thing is known and that is being overweight increases your likelihood of contracting this, and consuming high amounts of sugar without using it through physical activity will end up adding more pounds so this could be something to look into.

Diabetes is known to cause an abnormal fatigue and thirst to a person, and raises the risk of having heart problems and complications with other organs of the body. Wounds and cuts also heal at a very slow rate.  The consequences differ between the two main kinds of this which are type 1, and type 2.

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss comes at varying degrees. It simply means you have an impairment in perceiving sound and you do not do so as well as a regular person should. This may hinder you from interacting with others and from performing well on your job. It may possibly take a toll on a person’s social life and emotional health, and could also accelerate the deterioration of the mental capacities.

The Association

The exact connection between hearing loss and diabetes has yet to be discovered but research has revealed over the years that diabetics are two times more likely to obtain some form of hearing loss. “Our results show that a relationship exists even when we account for the major factors known to affect hearing, such as age, race, ethnicity, income level, noise exposure, and the use of certain medications,” says Kathleen Bainbridge, Ph. D., from Social and Scientific Systems.

It is theorized that since the huge portions of sugar in the blood harms the cardiovascular system which manages the flow of blood around the body, this may also mean that this impacts its supply to the inner ear which greatly depends on this substance. Another probable cause would be the damage that sugar creates may also expand to the vessels found within the auditory system.

Don’t be in fear though as this may easily be avoided by striving to eat healthier by cutting down on high-sugar foods and drinks. You should not totally remove it from your diet though but rather take recommended amounts of it only. Fruits are an excellent source of good sugar. Incorporate your lifestyle with a workout regimen and you’re good to go. Also see a licensed audiologist regularly. We at Chicago Beltone love to help patients keep their hearing health up to par. Call us at (888) 485-5452 to set a consultation.