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Are You Facing Age Related Hearing Loss?

There is debate over the cause of age related hearing loss, also known as presbycusis, as there are a variety of reasons that can lead up to this. There is no known one reason to cause age-related hearing loss. Talks of noise being one of the primary reasons of presbycusis are also present. Noise, which accumulated over a lifetime, gradually causes an impairment in hearing. Due to it happening progressively, you hardly notice it so you don’t find ways to correct it. When the individual gets to a more mature age, the condition is in its most severe stage.

In fact, a study was done with the Mabaan tribe of Sudan in 1962. Their remote location meant that they were isolated from the common loud, ear-damaging, noises brought about by urban living. The study showed that there was almost no sign of a loss of hearing with people of the tribe aged 25 to 75. Maybe it’s time to find yourself a dense jungle to live in?

Signs Of Hearing Loss

  • Frustration brought by difficulty in hearing people talking to you.
  • The volume of sound-producing technology is just right to you, but you find other people complaining and telling you to turn it down.
  • You’re in a noisy area and you find it harder to hear compared to your companions.
  • Difficulty in differentiating certain sounds, like “s” or “th”.
  • You hear a ringing sound in your ears.
  • Social detachment because you can’t seem to hear what others are saying.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, make sure to have a complete physical exam conducted by your healthcare provider. A complete physical exam will reveal if your hearing loss is merely a symptom brought about by another medical condition in your body.

Wax build-up could also have caused your disability in hearing. Normally, excess wax is washed out by your body. Sometimes though, when we clean our ears there are tendencies where the earwax is pushed further inside. This can also be caused by our glands making too much earwax. The wax then hardens inside our ear, resulting in difficulty in hearing. Thankfully though this is usually easy to treat and pain-free.

Preserving Your Ability To Hear

Hearing is essential to everyday living, therefore you must make a point to care for it.

  1. Avoid loud noises - Though living in the age we are now, especially when we are situated in an urban area, it’s inevitable to get a dose of loud, ear-damaging, noises every now and then. That doesn’t mean you should be unmindful of the things you hear. Stay alert, and as much as possible stray away from loud noises. Keep the audio from your devices at mild volumes. When loud noises are a part of work, or everyday life, make sure then that you have hearing protection devices on hand, such as ear plugs or ear muffs.
  2. Watch what medicines you’re taking - Be careful of the drugs that you’re taking as some may have effects of hearing loss. Consult your physician when taking new drugs or when you feel that a medication you’re currently taking is affecting your sense of hearing.
  3. Do what you can to avoid Diabetes - Studies show that diabetics are more likely to suffer from hearing loss than those who don’t have it.


Facing age-related hearing loss is scary. With the right people by your side helping you through, it doesn’t have to be. Call Chicago Beltone today at (888) 485-5452 to schedule your consultation with our specialists today. We are happy to help improve your quality of life!