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Football and Hearing

Can Football Damage My Hearing Health?

When most people think about football injuries, they think of the muscles and bones. Muscle sprains and bone breaks are pretty common. The reality is that contact sports can damage both your hearing and mental health. By understanding the cause of these injuries, you can prevent them from happening.

Head Trauma Can Lead to Hearing Loss

Head injuries cause most of the hearing injuries that football players face. Football players are more at risk for tinnitus and hearing loss than other people. When a head injury occurs, it can create a shock wave that damages the inner ear known as the cochlea. This can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss. The more hits a football player has to the head, the greater the risk that it will become permanent.

Tips for Proper Hearing Care Protection

When you take the field, have proper equipment designed to protect your health. This includes a helmet, shoes, mouth guard, padded neck roll, and pads. When you're on the sidelines, you should use earplugs to limit your exposure to the noises of the crowd.

Players are not the only ones who are at risk for hearing loss during football games. The fans can also be at risk of tinnitus and temporary hearing loss due to a loud stadium. It's best to always use earplugs while enjoying the football game in person. They help to protect your hearing.

Signs of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can come on all a sudden or over time. When it occurs over time, it can be harder to self-diagnose. By knowing the common signs, you can identify if you're suffering from hearing loss. The most common symptom includes muffled speech and sounds. It can be hard to understand words that people say to you. You may also notice that you turn the television or radio volume up on a regular basis. If you notice these problems, contact one of our hearing care professionals today.

Top Football Health Tips

When it comes to contact sports, be proactive to reduce your risk of a hearing-related injury. When you're at practice, try to limit the amount of contact that you have. Make sure all players receive appropriate tackling training. Additionally, it's vital to always take the time to warm up before taking the field for all contact sports.

Contact Our Hearing Care Professionals Today

If you believe you have hearing loss, it's time to call our hearing care team. We will test your hearing and determine the best course of action. Additionally, we will match you with the right hearing aids if needed. Finally, we will make recommendations to help prevent future injury while playing football. Remember that your hearing care should be one of your top priorities while on the field.