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Do Hearing Aid Batteries Expire?

As with all batteries, hearing aid batteries do eventually expire. The average hearing aid battery has a package shelf life of approximately four years. When buying batteries for your hearing aid, always check the expiration date on the package. While it is a good idea to stock up to have a sufficient supply to meet your needs for a few months or so, too large of a stockpile can result in waste. To avoid wasting hearing aid batteries by not using them before they expire, always use the closest expiration date first.

Many Factors Impact Battery Lifespan

Once the package is open, the tab pulled, and the hearing aid battery is activated, many factors can affect how long the battery lasts. Smaller batteries typically have shorter lifespans, about three to 10 days, than do larger ones. Some of the larger ones can last nine to 20 days.

High tech hearing aids, like those that incorporate wireless streaming, draw more power from the battery. The degree of hearing loss also has an impact on the battery. The higher the amplification of sound required, the more energy the hearing aid uses.

Your environment can also impact hearing aid battery lifespan. When there’s a lot of background noise, your hearing aid may use more power, depleting the battery faster. Extreme temperatures, humidity, and altitude can also negatively impact battery life.

Store Properly For Longer Battery Life

Batteries should be kept in the package or a specialized battery caddy until ready to use. Once the tab comes off, and they are exposed to air, the battery is then activated. Store them in a dry, room temperature area. Humid places, like a bathroom cabinet, or cold places, like the refrigerator, can shorten battery life.

Get Better Battery Performance

While battery life length can be difficult to predict with so many factors at play, there are things you can do to extend battery life. Hearing aid batteries are zinc-air powered. Following the installation instructions is important to battery performance and lifespan. After removing the tab from a new hearing aid battery, wait two to five minutes before installing it, giving it time to power up fully.

When you take your hearing aid out for the night, turn it off and leave the battery slot door open to let any accumulated moisture dissipate. Keep your hearing aid clean. Avoid getting lotion, perfume, and other substances on your hearing aid to protect function and battery life. Give us a call at Beltone Chicago if you have further questions about hearing aids or hearing aid batteries.