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Do Hearing Aids Cause Hearing Loss?

There is an opinion spreading in the world of auditory health, that hearing aids cause hearing loss. This may hold some truth to it but only under certain circumstances.

To generalize hearing aids as ear-damaging devices would be unfair to those who become deterred from purchasing these because of a prevailing rumor. That would rob them of the precious benefits of these instruments.

The Good That Hearing Aids Do

Hearing aids are essential devices for those with listening impairments. These help them perceive sound better by amplifying and processing sound for them.

Not all these devices are the same for every individual though. They vary from person to person based on their needs in terms of the degree and kind of hearing loss they are experiencing. The devices are then customized by the healthcare professional based on this. They must be careful so that they set these specifically as required by the individual so that these tools can serve them effectively.

As a matter of fact, if adjusted properly they actually delay further development of hearing loss and help maintain cognitive abilities, which is usually a casualty with this impairment.

Hearing Aids And Hearing Loss

As great a tool these are, yes hearing aids at times can cause hearing loss but only during times when they excessively amplify noise or a certain frequency much more than what a person actually needs.

This is often the case with hearing aids purchased from the internet. A one-on-one personal meet-up with a healthcare specialist will always be better and produce greater results.

If these are too loud for you don’t hesitate to go back to the clinic to have this readjusted. This seldom happens though especially when you are working with a reputable and experienced practitioner. It’s why you should only go working with respected professionals who are well-established in the industry.

A Matter Of Perception

Many times, it’s also a matter of perception in regards to your brain. Having developed a hearing disability gradually, your brain starts to perceive this as a normal state of hearing for you. Being able to hear better when equipped with hearing aids, your brain then labels this as the new normal. When taken off, your hearing loss becomes much more evident.

As a result, many falsely accuse their devices of being catalysts for damage towards the auditory system when, in fact, their impairment has simply become more noticeable.

No Reason For Alarm

If you have been recommended these devices, there’s no need to be fearful at all. There are only a scarce number of reports of hearing aids that are mismatched with a person’s particular needs when they’re done face-to-face inside a clinic.

Just be sure to avoid acquiring these from stores where you aren’t meeting the expert during the adjustment, such as from online websites. Being present during the process allows you to try them on and the professional can spot a flaw in the modifications, immediately. Book an appointment with a Chicago Beltone audiologist for your hearing assessment at (888) 485-5452.