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Do I Need To Wear A Hearing Aid In Both Ears?

Ears pick up sounds through both ears in a way that allows for full interpretation of what's heard. This is often referred to as binaural listening. This process usually happens without most of us giving it a second thought. But, there are times when hearing loss can affect your hearing enough to disrupt this process. The good news is hearing aids benefit many people with hearing loss. If this applies to you, you might be wondering if one hearing aid will suffice, or if you’ll need two. Here's what you need to know.

Is Your Hearing Affected in Both Ears?

Deciding if you need to wear a hearing aid in both ears depends on how your hearing loss affects your hearing. One hearing aid, for example, should be fine if only one ear has hearing loss. But, most people with hearing loss have some degree of impairment in both ears. If this is the case for you, it's best to opt for two hearing aids to enjoy a restored hearing experience.

Getting the Full Listening Experiencing

Think of the way you hear in the way you would listen to music in mono and stereo. If you switch between these two modes, there's a difference, even if you can still hear music in either mode. If you're using one hearing aid when you need two, you won't be getting the full experience with what your ears pick up.

Making It Easier for Your Brain to Interpret Sounds

The human brain also needs input from both ears. The process of hearing is complex, and not as simple as processing what's picked up by one ear or the other. Sounds can cross over from one ear to the other, especially if you're turning your head or moving. This can also happen if sounds are coming in from different sources and directions. By wearing two hearing aids, you're helping your brain interpret any sounds.

Helping Your Hearing Aids Work Better

A single hearing aid can only do so much if you have issues with both ears. With situations like this, two devices work much better together. Having two adjusted hearing aids comes with extra benefits that include:

  • Hearing better in crowded areas or outdoor environments
  • Picking up on every detail with conversions
  • Not having to turn up one hearing aid up so high there's feedback
  • Being able to separate different sounds and voices with better accuracy
  • Not having to strain to hear certain sounds or conversions – or turn your head to hear

Also, if you have issues with tinnitus, or "ringing" in the ears, two hearing aids can mask the symptoms. If you only have one device, the internal sounds won't have the same masked effect.

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