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Hearing Impaired Guests

Enjoy Thanksgiving Celebrations With Hearing Aids

Thanksgiving is often a busy time for many households. Even if you're not the one hosting the big meal, you may be heading over to a friend or family member's home that will be just as bustling. All this activity can make it difficult to communicate with friends and loved ones if you have hearing loss. This could also be the case if you're already a hearing aid user. If this applies to you, here are some things we recommend keeping in mind to enjoy your next Thanksgiving celebration.

Ask About the Guest List

If you'll be attending and not hosting a Thanksgiving celebration, ask about the guest list. This gives you a chance to learn who may not know about your hearing issues. Doing so gives you a chance to remind guests to do little things that can mean a lot if you have hearing loss concerns, such as:

  • Looking at you when talking
  • Speaking clearly so you can fully comprehend what's being said
  • Gently getting your attention when you're in crowded parts of the house where you may have difficulty hearing

Pick Where You Sit

It's sometimes difficult to figure out who's speaking to you when multiple conversations and noises are part of your immediate surroundings. Give yourself an advantage by sitting in the middle of the table or in a central location when in a nearby living room or other areas. This makes it easier to tell who's directly speaking to you. If you have some limitations with where you can sit, adjust your chair or seat so you're able to get a good view of everyone.

Adjust Your Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are typically adjusted based on what your typical environment is like. So, if your devices are currently set for quieter surroundings, make some adjustments before you have your Thanksgiving celebration. For instance, noise reduction settings can make it easier to decipher conversations in a more crowded setting. A hearing care specialist can also help you make appropriate adjustments.

Ask a Trusted Friend or Family Member to Help You Out

It never hurts to have someone close by who can discreetly help you out during a busy Thanksgiving celebration. Ask a friend or family member you can trust to stay in your general area in case you need some gentle assistance. They might, for example, quickly sum up what someone asked you if they weren't speaking clearly.

Explore Other Ways to Communicate

Even regular hearing aid users sometimes prefer breaks from the need to focus on verbal conversations. If you wish to continue to communicate with some of your Thanksgiving guests you don't see too often, consider non-verbal options like texting and emailing.

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