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Beltone Imagine Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids with Bluetooth Capability

Gone are the days of bulky hearing aids. Today some of the latest hearing aids are smart, wireless, discreet, and equipped with fantastic Bluetooth connectivity. They can allow you to connect with your Android and Apple devices and other wireless devices. Find out the new features in Bluetooth hearing aids and the reasons why our Beltone digital hearing aid devices could be the right fit for you.

Exceptional Sound

Beltone hearing aids are adapted to adjust itself to any environment you may be in, and they deliver a high level of sound quality in a wide range of situations. Adjust the volume of your Bluetooth hearing aids automatically to create an optimal sound quality even when you are in a crowded event or a noisy street. It also can detect and remove feedback eliminating any annoying whistles and noises that generally occur while using other hearing aids. It offers an enjoyable transition from one type of situation to another, making the transition from a quiet environment to a noisy environment smoother than before.

A Completely Personalized Hearing Experience

Beltone hearing aids are built around two innovative features that can more precisely imitate how our eyes understand sound and send messages to our brain. The result is they allow you to hear sounds more natural. It can return the natural sound level balance and the contrasts between both ears giving you the ability to precisely hear where the sounds come from. It can monitor the surroundings and the incoming sounds to mechanically adapt to the most common speech settings that will assist you in recognizing familiar voices and know from where the sounds come from. This will immensely improve your capacity to process and accurately listen to speech, which can be difficult when someone is talking to you from behind or from your side.

Fantastic Sound Quality That Now Lasts Longer

Beltone hearing aids use environmentally friendly batteries that allow you to enjoy amazing sound quality the whole day on one charge. The ZPower batteries can fast charge in 2 to 4 hours at night and can maintain the same great sound quality for a year.

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