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How To Manage Your Child's Hearing Loss

If your child has hearing loss there are some things that you can do to help. While hearing loss will provide an extra challenge for the child, it will not hold them back from learning or communicating. Here are some hearing care tips to help your child reach their milestones.

Get Answers Early

Signs of hearing loss in infants can present very early on, so exposing your baby to sound sooner than later can help you determine if a hearing test is needed. If they have a hearing loss issue, they can be fitted for a hearing aid when they are only weeks old. You can work with a certified pediatric audiologist to help determine the best hearing device for your child. If they receive a cochlear implant within 2 years of birth, they have a better chance of reaching the same milestones as their peers by the time they are five years old.

Get Support

Ninety-five percent of parents that have a child with hearing loss do not have hearing issues themselves. They may not know sign language and are often uncertain as to how to help their child. Early intervention services can help. They can help coordinate hearing care services for the child and show parents the best way to help their child understand language and communication skills. Raising a child is stressful and with all of these extra services that the child will need, it is important that the parents get help and support as well. There are support groups that parents can join to share resources and to find support. All of the parents are dealing with the same struggles and having support makes a big difference.

Explore Sound

Sounds and speech will help a child develop communication and language skills. There are some fun ways to explore sounds with babies and toddlers. Reading to the child will help them learn actions and comprehension skills. Looking at a book with pictures and describing the pictures will help with language skills. Talk about where you are going and what you are doing. Even if you are in the car tell the child that you are going for a car ride. Imitation games like peek-a-boo help children learn how to talk to others and how to take turns.

These are just some of the ways you can help your child deal with hearing loss. Just because a child has hearing troubles does not mean they cannot thrive and grow. With the right support, your child can have a happy life and meet developmental goals at the same time as other children in their age group. To learn more about the benefits of early detection and how your child may benefit from a hearing aid, contact the team at Beltone Chicago.