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How To Safely Clean Your Ears

If you happen to feel like your ears are clogged up, have your ears cleaned as soon as possible. Ideally, it’s not advised to have your ear canals cleaned due to health concerns it might cause, but when the wax builds up it will result in difficulty hearing. You will need to have your ears cleaned immediately to avoid further problems with your hearing. But don’t pick up that cotton swab just yet! Using cotton swabs isn’t recommended because it just pushes the wax further into your ear. Here are safer methods that you can use to clean your ears:

Use An Ear Pick

As mentioned, using a cotton swab pushes the wax further deeper into your ear canal. Using an ear pick, also known as an ear spoon or ear scoop helps clean the ear canal by scooping out the ear wax. It is advised to have a family member or friend help assist you with this because doing it on your own might damage your ear canal.

Use A Damp Cloth

To avoid further injuries or problems with wax being pushed deeper into the canal, it is advised to clean the outside area of your ears. This can be done by using a warm, damp cloth. Pick up the washcloth, wipe the outside area of your ear and you are good to go.

Use An Earwax Softener

Any earwax softener can be purchased over-the-counter at your local pharmacies. These drops usually contain mineral oil, baby oil, saline, glycerin or peroxide. You will be advised as to how many times you can drop the solution in your ear. Once done, you will wait the recommended time before rinsing. Remember to always follow the instructions that comes on the package.

Use A Syringe

Another method of cleaning your ears is through having it irrigated. This is where you can use water or a saline solution. Place the solution in a syringe and rinse the outer part of the ear canal and use an earwax solution to help loosen up the earwax building up in the canal. It’s best to warm up the water solution to body temperature so that the user can avoid dizziness. Apply the earwax softener and leave it for 15 to 30 minutes before irrigating your ears.

Have It Flushed Out by the Doctor

If you wish to avoid further problems with earwax removal, you can visit the doctor and ask him to remove the wax at his office. The doctor will assess your ear’s condition and use the specially designed equipment needed to flush out the earwax building up in your canal. This can involve spraying water inside your ear canal to flush out the earwax easily.

These methods are useful especially when you are at home and in need of a good ear cleaning. For professional aid do not hesitate to contact your ear doctor to help safely clean your ears for you. Chicago Beltone is always happy to assist you with your hearing concerns. Contact us at (888) 485-5452.