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Hearing Aid Battery Change

How To Make Your Hearing Aid Batteries Last Longer

Hearing aids, and hearing aid batteries, can get expensive. Doing all that you can to make your hearing aid batteries last longer can help you save money. There are several things that you do to help batteries in your hearing aids last longer.

Keep The Tab on New Batteries

Hearing aid batteries are a special type of battery known as zinc-air batteries. The batteries have a plastic tab that has tiny holes on top of the batter. When you remove the tab, the air will enter the hole and cause the zinc to activate. Once the batter is active, it will drain power. You cannot put the tab back on. Only remove the tab once you use the battery. This will help the battery last longer.

Do the Five Minute Rule

When you replace the battery on your hearing aid, make sure that you do not place the battery in immediately. Wait for at least five to seven minutes. This will allow the air to activate the battery. This simple step can make your battery last longer.

Store at Room Temperature

You may have heard that you can make your batteries last longer by putting them in the refrigerator. People think that when the batteries are cold, they release less power. This is the exact opposite with hearing aid batteries. The condensation in the refrigerator will lead to corrosion. This will cause the hearing aid batteries to fail before they should. To ensure the batteries last longer, store them at room temperature.

Leaving the Battery Aid Door Open

When you are not using your hearing aids, you will want to turn them off and open the battery door. This will help to block corrosion. Remember to store the hearing aids away from the bathroom as moisture is dangerous. In your bedroom, on a side table, or another secure location is best.

Getting a Hearing Aid Dehumidifier

A hearing aid dehumidifier provides a place for storage and to remove moisture. Keeping the moisture out of your hearing aids will help to ensure that the batteries last longer.

Removing The Battery For Extend Periods of No Use

When you do not plan on using your aids for a while, remove the batteries from the hearing aid. This will help to prevent trapped moisture in the hearing aid. Preventing corrosion will help to ensure that your hearing aids last for many years.

Wash Your Hands

Before changing the battery, you will want to wash and dry your hands. Dirt, moisture, and grime can get on the battery. This will cause the battery to expel more power or corrode, which will cause the battery not to last as long.

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