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Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus Diagnosis and Treatment

Do You Have Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is one of the most common hearing conditions that affect 15% to 20% of the adult population. Since this condition can become a precursor to hearing loss, it is important to address Tinnitus right away. The good news is that there are a number of hearing care options available to properly treat Tinnitus. Below are the diagnosis and treatment options available.

1). Diagnosis

To diagnose Tinnitus, your doctor will perform a number of examines that involve your head, ears, and neck. First, the doctor will perform an audiological exam that involves playing specific sounds into your ears through headphones. Next, they will ask you to perform a number of movements of your jaw, eyes, neck, arms, and legs to see if the Tinnitus condition worsens. This could indicate an underlying condition. Finally, the doctor may perform a CT or MRI scan.

2). Medical Treatment

There are a number of simple medical treatments available to help treat Tinnitus. These treatments can include earwax removal which can help decrease Tinnitus symptoms. Doctors may also treat a blood vessel condition that may be responsible for your hearing condition. They may stop or change some of your medications that may be impacting your hearing. Finally, the doctor may prescribe medications that can help reduce Tinnitus.

3). Lifestyle Treatment

In addition to medical treatments, there are a number of non-medical options that can help you reduce your Tinnitus. Some of these lifestyle treatments can include the use of a white noise machine to help suppress the tinnitus ringing in your ears. Also, a reduction in alcohol consumption can help treat your condition. Finally, managing your stress levels have been shown to reduce Tinnitus symptoms.

4. Preparing For Your Appointment

To assist your doctor in treating your condition, you should have the following information available. First, be prepared to describe your symptoms including any possible hearing loss or ringing sounds that you may be experiencing. Second, be prepared to share your medical history including previous hospital stays, procedures and injuries. Finally, have your list of prescribed and over-the-counter medications ready.

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