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Temporary Hearing Loss

Treating Temporary Hearing Loss

Temporary hearing loss can be a frightening occurrence that has a multitude of potential causes. Chicago Beltone invites prospective clients and interested parties to read the following short blog providing an overview of this health issue.

Defining A Temporary Loss Of Hearing

Temporary hearing impairment is an audio malady that causes the impediment of someone's audio capacity for a specific duration of time. That said, this loss is not permanent and eventually returns.

Causes Of Temporary Hearing Impairment

Temporary hearing impairment can be caused by any physical, structural of biological issue impacting ear. However, temporary hearing loss is commonly amongst one of three issues, earwax buildup, excessive exposure to loud noises and middle ear infections.

Earwax Buildup

Wax is a natural substance produced by the body to protect various ear components. That said, excessive production can precipitate blockages of the ear canal inhibiting sounds from properly reverberating through the ear. When such an event occurs, a sudden and varying level of diminished hearing can result.

Overexposure To Loud Noises

Many individuals are exposed to chronic exposure to loud noises. In some cases, noisy environments such as airports, train stations, construction sites, industrial environments and stock exchanges induce temporary hearing impairments. However, persons who enjoy noisy past times like rock concerts might also be afflicted with intermittent disruptions in audio capacity.

Middle Ear Infections

The infiltration of organisms like bacteria can precipitate the development of fluid buildup and inflammation within various ear components. Should bacterial overgrowth become pronounced, significant pressure and blockage could manifest resulting in temporary hearing disturbances.

Potential Treatment Options

The specific treatment option indicated will depend upon the exact underlying cause and its severity. Common therapeutic protocols for temporary hearing impairment include:

Resting The Ears

This is particularly true if you were exposed to loud sounds. Spending time in a quiet environment will enable the ears to rest and heal. Typically, optimal hearing should return within a couple of days to no more than a week. If temporary hearing loss does not improve within those timeframes, more serious damage might have been done and warrants thorough attention from a primary care physician or hearing specialist. Furthermore, future incidents of hearing loss may be avoided be wearing protective coverings.

Earwax Removal

In mild cases of earwax accumulation, individuals could have them removed on their own accord. However, should the buildup be significant, they might wish to consider allowing a healthcare professional remove the offending material to prevent worsening hearing problems.


In the presence of infection, doctor-prescribed antibiotics should clear the ailment within a few days to a week or so.

Contacting Us

If you are experiencing temporary hearing loss, consultation with the professional hearing specialists at a Chicago Beltone hearing care center may be warranted. A member of our staff can test your hearing and might be able to discern what is causing the problem and offer the most optimal remedial options.