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Protect Your Hearing Aids

Tricks (and Treats) To Protect Your Hearing Aids This Halloween

Halloween is nearly upon us, and with that comes enjoying your grandkids in costume, spooky music, movies, decorations, and the buckets of candy. Halloween is a great holiday to celebrate, but if you have hearing loss and wear hearing aids, you will want to take some precautions when you are out and about for Halloween.

Check Your Batteries

When it comes to getting ready for Halloween, one of the first things that you should do is to make sure that your hearing aids are fully charged. Your aids are essential to your hearing care, and you will want to make sure that they do not go out in the middle of trick or treating. It is a good idea to take an extra pack of batteries just in case yours goes out.

Plan Your Costume

If you plan on wearing a Halloween costume, you will want to make sure that you wear one that will work well with your hearing aids. Think about how masks, face coverings, or face paint will be applied. You will want to ensure that no part of your hearing aid is covered. Part of your hearing care is always to make sure that your aids are free of any obstructions.

Get A Hearing Aid Clip And Cord

To fully protect your aids, consider getting a clip and a cord. During a busy Halloween party or a walk through a haunted house, you may be bumped, and one of your aids may pop out and be lost. You will then have to see your hearing care specialist for a replacement. Getting a clip and a cord for your aids can help to ensure that you do not lose them. You can ask your hearing care provider for a clip and a cord, or you can purchase online.

Check The Weather

Your hearing care specialist has probably reminded you more than once that if your hearing aid gets wet, it can cause complications. Check the weather and if it is going to be wet, get a hearing aid sleeve or bring an umbrella. Additionally, if it is going to be cold, bring some ear warmers. This helps blood flow which, in turn, helps the functioning of your hearing aids.

Wear Hearing Protection

If you are going to be attending a Halloween party, make sure that you keep an eye on the noise level. If you want to protect your hearing, you will want to pack ear plugs. It would also be a good idea to take a break from the loud noises. If music or scary sounds are all around you, go to a quieter room in the house for a few moments before joining the fun again.

Call Us Today

Before you go out for a Halloween event, make sure that you see your hearing care specialist. Your hearing care specialist will take a look at your aids to make sure that they are in functioning order. At Chicago Beltone, we know how important it is to hear well. Give us a call today for all your hearing loss and hearing care needs.