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What Are The Latest Technological Advances For Hearing Aids?

Recordings of hearing loss have been found from hundreds of years ago. It is clear that this is a disability that has been experienced by many before us. Back then, they also had their very own form of devices to aid them in hearing. In the 13th Century, a more primitive version of the ear horn was being used. These were made of hollow animal horns. The 18th Century was when we started to see the more common ear trumpets we know of, whose materials were sheet metal, or silver. Ear trumpets only captured sound and delivered them unlike their counterparts, hearing aids, which not only captured the sound but also amplified it.

The very first electric hearing aid came to be in 1898. This then paved way to the advances of this device throughout the 20th and, now, the 21st century.


Nowadays, there are models equipped with bluetooth so that it can connect to gadgets like smartphones and tablets. This makes it possible to hear the audio being fed directly to the hearing aid, allowing better quality of sound. This is usually achieved with a remote-like intermediary. However, the famous brand Apple, has partnered up with certain companies so that their very own hearing devices can now link directly with their very own products, such as the Iphone and Ipad. Removing a “middleman” from the picture.

Data Recording

When you need your hearing devices to be adjusted by your specialist, they may now check the data recorded inside. These datas are information that has been kept within the duration  of your use that states your preferences in settings during specific environments. This allows the healthcare professional to make the appropriate modifications based on what is suitable for you.

Smart Hearing Device

This means hearing devices are now able to “learn” the certain adjustments a user favors when in specific surroundings. These versions then immediately make the necessary changes when they distinguish a certain surrounding. No need anymore to make manual adjustments.

Cutback Of Wind Noise

For those who love the outdoors this is good news for you. There are now models in the market that reduce the noise of wind. Some even totally shut it out altogether. Allowing you to listen to only what is vital to be heard.

Synchronized Devices

When both your ears need hearing aids, you will be happy to know that there are now versions able to synchronize their settings with each other. These hearing aids communicate with each other to bring you a better quality of sound, minimizing the possibility of totally different feeds coming out of each other.

One Size Fits All

Called the “Signia Silk hearing aid,” these are quite new models in the market that eliminates the need for users to have your ear canals fitted and measured beforehand. Coming in three sizes, these devices can be worn immediately without having to wait. This is due to the soft silicone material that allows it to mold into shape as needed.

Hearing aids are investments that don’t come at low costs. That’s why it’s important to have expert opinion on what’s the right one for you. Discuss your options with one of Chicago Beltone’s hearing specialists at (888) 485-5452 so you get the device suited to your needs and lifestyle.