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Level of Hearing Loss

What Level of Hearing Loss Do You Have?

Some people may experience a gradual loss of hearing in their life. When a person’s hearing becomes diminished, they will start to display certain characteristics. If you or a loved one is experiencing any of these symptoms, it may be a result of hearing loss.

If you find yourself constantly turning up the TV set and radio just hear, your hearing could be affected. Also, if you have a hard time following a conversation in a noisy environment, your hearing could also be gradually going away. Other symptoms of gradual hearing loss includes muffled speech, trouble hearing consonants, and the avoidance of social settings because of difficulty communicating.

There are four different levels for hearing. These levels are rated as mild, moderate, severe and profound. If you are diagnosed with a mild rating then you probably will have trouble hearing things that are less than 40 decibels. Sounds that fall in this category include whispering, normal breathing and high heels walking across the floor.

Moderate loss of hearing is classified for sounds that cannot be heard between 40 and 60 decibels. These sounds include things such as a normal conversation or listening to quiet music. Severe hearing loss means that you cannot hear sounds unless they are at least 80 decibels or higher. If your hearing loss falls in this range, this is why you constantly turn up the TV set or the radio. The profound rating means you are nearly deaf and that you can’t hear anything unless it’s well over 100 decibels.

If you are experiencing a decline in your hearing, you should reach out to a hearing care specialist. An audiologist or an otolaryngologist are the two main type of doctors that deal with gradual loss of hearing. These two specialists will run specific tests that will help you to figure out your level of hearing. Once they figure out what is happening with your ears, they will develop a hearing care plan to address the issue.

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