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Where Can I Recycle My Hearing Aid Batteries

Where Can I Recycle My Hearing Aid Batteries?

Hearing aid batteries have a short shelf life with the smallest one lasting about five days and the largest about two weeks. Since you change your batteries regularly, you may be tempted to discard the used hearing aid batteries into the garbage can. These batteries contain toxins that are harmful to the environment when improperly disposed of. Fortunately, you can recycle your hearing aid batteries and save the environment from the potentially harmful toxins. Here’s how:

Look for Battery Recycling Programs

In your local area, you could find active battery recycling programs. These initiatives build drop-off points for people to dispose of their used batteries safely. Mostly, these programs are run by waste management officials who see the need to separate these small batteries from the rest of the trash. Ask around your residential area for organized drop points for used hearing aid batteries.

Donate the Batteries

Certain non-profit making organizations accept used hearing aid batteries from donations and charity. Through these programs, your batteries will be recycled in various industries to make new and useful items. They can also be refurbished to aid people in need but cannot afford the batteries frequently. You could search the internet for the closest foundation near you that accepts donations in the form of used hearing aids. Also, inquire from your peers who have similar hearing loss issues for referrals on such a program.

Return to the Manufacturer

Improper disposal of hearing aid batteries has come to the attention of most manufacturers. Some of these producers take the time and effort to collect back used hearing aid batteries. On the package of the batteries, read through the instructions to see if the particular manufacturer accepts used batteries for refurbishing and proper disposal. Normally, they offer directions on what to do to return the batteries for proper disposal.

Talk to Your Audiologist

Apart from providing hearing care services, audiologists are an excellent source of information. Talk to the audiologists at Chicago Beltone about proper recycling of hearing aid batteries. Chances are your audiologist is part of an organization that collects used batteries.

As you can see, recycling hearing aid batteries doesn't have to be a hectic issue. Research on the most accessible route and help us save the environment from toxic waste. Have you been having hearing loss problems? Are you considering hearing aids as an option? Contact us today for all your hearing care needs and services.