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Hearing Aids Whistle

Why Do My Hearing Aids Whistle?

The average hearing aid consists of three parts—the microphone, the amplifier, and the receiver. The devices pick up sound, amplify it, and send the sound vibrations to the ear. When a hearing aid's volume is too loud, or wax is present in the ear, it can cause it to whistle. It can be jarring to the nervous system and causes the person with hearing loss to miss out on what another person says.

To better understand the solutions that exist to prevent hearing aids from whistling, it's essential to know why it's an issue in the first place. Below, you'll learn more about volume control, wax build-up, and a poorly-fitted ear mold, and how each can cause further hearing loss temporarily.

Volume Control Issues

The whistling sound that you can be hearing could be due to the volume on the hearing aid being turned up too loud. A simple fix would be to turn the volume down until there is no longer a 'whistle' emanating from it. Having an ear care specialist assist you with finding the right level of sound to meet your needs is ideal as it saves you the trouble of testing the hearing aid out yourself.

Built-Up Wax Interfering With the Hearing Aid

If there is a build-up of wax in the ear canal, it creates a barrier that prevents the hearing aid from receiving the amplified sound. Instead, it gets pushed out of the ear; hence, the whistling sound it produces. Being mindful of cleaning your ears often keeps wax from becoming an issue. If you're not able to do it yourself, your specialist can help.

An Ear Mold That Doesn't Fit Well

If your weight fluctuates after being fitted for your hearing aid, you may experience whistling inside the ear. It's due to the ear mold no longer fit well. Losing or gaining weight can cause it to happen. Being refitted for an ear mold that fits your ear better is of absolute importance.

Many things can be causing your hearing aids to whistle. We've explained three of the most common, as well as provided solutions that you can quickly implement. You'll be able to avoid the high-pitched sound going forward by making a few easy adjustments. Some suggestions you can do on your own and others require a professional's assistance to help you.

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