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Chicago Beltone | New Years Resolution

Why Health is a Top New Year's Resolution

The New Year is almost here. Many are making New Year’s resolutions and on top of the list most are making a resolution for better health. Health is important; not just for today but for the future. Here’s what you can do make 2019 your healthiest year yet.

Disease prevention

Disease prevention is one way to have good health. There are several ways to prevent disease such as diet and exercise, good hygiene, medicine, and a healthy immune system.

Keep in mind there are several ways to maintain a healthy immune system such as vitamins, vitamin infusions and ultraviolet blood irradiation. In addition, for those who suffer from hearing loss a hearing test can help you get back on track.

Keep your heart healthy

A healthy heart is most important in preventing diseases such as heart attacks and strokes. To have a healthy heart, a good diet, removing unwanted stress, maintaining a good exercise routine and getting adequate sleep are actions that will make it so.

Most importantly, getting enough sleep is most important in maintaining good health. Most agree that everyone should get between six to eight hours of sleep. Adequate sleep helps the body to recover from the day.

Benefits of maintaining good health

There are several great benefits in maintaining good health such as feeling more energetic, preventing disease and lessening the likelihood of becoming sick. In addition, maintaining good health may also add years to your life. Keep in mind; eating nutritious foods and exercising on a regular basis can help you avoid excess weight gain.

Besides helping you lose weight, exercising can improve heart health and boost your immune system. Besides eating nutritious foods and exercising, talk with your doctor about your hearing loss and about making an appointment for a hearing test.

To keep your heart in good shape, make time for at least 100 minutes of moderate physical activity each week. If this sounds too much, look for other ways to exercise such as taking a walk during lunch or taking a walk in your neighborhood after supper.

One way to help control your weight is to eat a balanced diet. Start off the day with a healthy breakfast. This will prevent you from becoming hungry later in the day.

Staying healthy also improves your mood and combats diseases such as high blood pressure and heart disease. Also, by watching what you eat and exercising, you can keep your cholesterol and blood pressure low. In addition, regular exercise can prevent diabetes, depression and certain cancers. To find out more about how you can stay healthy, contact Chicago Beltone Today.