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Hearing Tests

Why Hearing Tests Are Important

Hearing tests are a routine practice, but still informative and beneficial. Part of the reason is because hearing loss has a lot of potential sources. Not knowing the cause of your hearing loss means a delay in treatment. You would be living with a problem that's manageable with the right approach to hearing care. This could include adjusted hearing aids. Read on below for our top reasons why annual hearing tests are important.

Detecting Other Health-Related Problems

Hearing loss isn't only associated with getting older. In fact, there are many health issues that could affect your hearing. A hearing care specialist knows if your hearing issues may be due to other health concerns. Some of these health issues could include:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney disease
  • Certain forms of dementia
  • Depression

Improving Relationships in Your Family

"Why is that TV so loud?" Questions like this from other people on a frequent basis can cause tension. It's often other people that notice signs of hearing loss before the affected person. By having your hearing tested, an audiologist can suggest treatment options for you. This means more pleasant time spent with others.

Hearing the 'Little Things' You've Been Missing

Results from a hearing test allow an audiologist to recommend hearing loss solutions. This often includes hearing aid programming or reprogramming. This enhances your ability to pick up on little things you've been missing. These "little things" can include meaningful and important things. This includes chirping birds, distant sounds, and certain pitches and tones.

Making Socializing Easier

"What was that?" If you need to keep asking this question in social situations, you may avoid socializing. By having a hearing test, you can once again feel more comfortable around others. Socializing without hesitations also plays a role in keeping you mentally healthy.

Removing Lingering Uncertainty

If you suspect you have hearing loss, the thoughts that run through your head can leave you worried. Hearing tests are often quick, usually somewhere around an hour or so. The results mean you can know for sure what's happening with your hearing. Having the results explained also means you'll know how you can improve your hearing.

Providing Extra Peace of Mind

Even if you don't have noticeable hearing loss, having an annual test done can be reassuring. If the test finds nothing, you can rest easy knowing everything is fine. But, if it finds smaller issues, you can manage them before it affects your hearing.

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