Level of Hearing Loss
Feb 20, 2019

What Level of Hearing Loss Do You Have?

Some people may experience a gradual loss of hearing in their life. When a person’s hearing becomes diminished, they will start to display certain characteristics. If you or a loved one is experiencing any of these symptoms, it may be a result of hearing loss. If you find yourself constantly turning up the TV set and radio just hear, your hearing could be affected. Also, if you have a hard time following a conversation in a noisy environment, your hearing could also be gradually going away.

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How to Deal with Sudden Hearing Loss
Feb 07, 2019

How to Deal with Sudden Hearing Loss

Sudden hearing problems are common to many people today. The sudden hearing loss may result from drug consumption, trauma, blood circulation problems, disorders of the inner ear, a tumor and even autoimmune diseases. However, a sudden hearing problem is not permanent and it’s important that you visit the doctor immediately for treatment. One of the main symptoms of sudden hearing problems is when you stop hearing clearly and keep asking people to repeat their words. Hearing loss is a tragic

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Chicago Beltone | Hearing Loss
Jan 23, 2019

Reasons for Your Muffled Hearing

If you are experiencing any type of muffled hearing, you probably are curious to discover why it is occurring. Hearing loss or muffled hearing may be caused by an ear blockage, exposure to loud noises, medication, and trauma. Defining Muffled Hearing You may not have heard the term "muffled hearing" before. This type of hearing concern may make you feel as if you have cotton stuck into your ears. Hearing care is available to those who suffer from the clogged ear or muffled hearing. Sound

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Chicago Beltone | New Years Resolution
Jan 03, 2019

Why Health is a Top New Year's Resolution

The New Year is almost here. Many are making New Year’s resolutions and on top of the list most are making a resolution for better health. Health is important; not just for today but for the future. Here’s what you can do make 2019 your healthiest year yet. Disease prevention Disease prevention is one way to have good health. There are several ways to prevent disease such as diet and exercise, good hygiene, medicine, and a healthy immune system. Keep in mind there are several ways to maintain a

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