Chicago Beltone | Hearing Health
May 31, 2018

7 Ways To Decrease Your Dementia Risk

Dementia is not a particular illness but instead it is a type of mental disease which has detrimental repercussions towards a person’s cognitive abilities, even affecting one’s past memories. If you’ve witnessed a loved one experience this, or have seen it being portrayed in movies, then you know how crucial it is to try and increase your chances of avoiding this condition. The steps to take when trying to keep away from dementia is not complex and is very much achievable. What’s only needed

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Chicago Beltone | Hearing Loss
May 15, 2018

Do Hearing Aids Cause Hearing Loss?

There is an opinion spreading in the world of auditory health, that hearing aids cause hearing loss. This may hold some truth to it but only under certain circumstances. To generalize hearing aids as ear-damaging devices would be unfair to those who become deterred from purchasing these because of a prevailing rumor. That would rob them of the precious benefits of these instruments. The Good That Hearing Aids Do Hearing aids are essential devices for those with listening impairments. These

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Chicago Beltone | Hearing Loss
May 01, 2018

How To Communicate With Hearing Impaired

With 20 percent of Americans being affected level of hearing loss, chances are you will encounter some of these people throughout your lifetime. Given their condition, you can’t simply communicate with them as you do with other individuals in your life. When looking to talk to or interact with a hearing impaired person, you will have to apply special methods for you to execute this properly with good results. People who are impaired in hearing are very much capable of living a happy and

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Chicago Beltone | Hearing Aids
Apr 16, 2018

4 Questions To Ask Your Audiologist

When it comes to your health, take nothing to chance. See to it that you are proactive enough to look for information that could benefit you in this department. Ask the right questions for better comprehension and so you know the necessary steps you need to take, whether it be in treatment or prevention. Many of us are too embarrassed to ask questions that could be important to us, even when it involves our health. We should gain an alleviation of our fears when we realize the fact that these

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