Accessories for Your Hearing Aids

There are many hearing aid accessories to consider when looking for the most efficient equipment to allow you the best hearing experience possible. There are many hearing aid accessories to consider when looking for the most efficient equipment to allow you the best hearing experience possible. These accessories can help hearing aids work better in unique listening environments like classrooms, lecture halls, music venues, theaters, and many other circumstances. The types of assistive devices and programs compatible with Beltone hearing aids are extensive and designed to help people make conversations on the phone clearer to waking you up in the morning or letting you know someone is at your door.

Beltone Chicago has invested extensively in hearing aids, apps, and accessories with features that make it easier to adjust to and use hearing aids that improve a user’s quality of life. Some of this technology includes the Beltone myPal, Beltone Direct TV Link2, Beltone Direct Remote Control 2, and Beltone Direct Phone Link 2, and all of these accessories can be purchased through Beltone Chicago locations. It is truly remarkable what hearing aid accessories can do to assist daily functioning.

Beltone myPal Micro

The Beltone myPal Micro is a small microphone you give to the person you are talking to. The accessory transmits what they are saying clearly and sends it to the hearing aid, making the conversation more accessible to you. The Beltone myPal Pro is a device that can be placed on a table allowing the user to hear a group of people talk. Following speech or listening to other audio signals has never been easier with this device.


Beltone Direct TV Link2

The Beltone Direct TV Link2 is an assistive device that helps people listen to a program and have a conversation at the same time. With older technology, this frequently was not possible as too much interference inhibited hearing a show and talking at the same time. Beltone’s Direct TV Link2 allows you to set your preferred volume and connects to TVs, stereos, and computers.


Beltone Direct Remote Control 2

The Beltone Direct Remote Control 2 functions to allow a balance between sounds. You can change the volume and programs or alternate between your entertainment choices. This ensures you can hear what you want to hear without missing information. In addition, it has an LCD display that shows volume and battery levels as well as your chosen programs. This kind of hearing aid technology provides progressive assistance.


Beltone Direct Phone Link 2

The Beltone Direct Phone Link 2 is hearing aid technology at its best. You will know when the phone rings in your Beltone hearing aids, even if you are not near your phone. You can speak without using your hands and activate a mute button to eliminate background noise when the surroundings are noisy. You can also use it to change programs or adjust volume levels, whether you are talking on your mobile device or not.


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