Your Hearing Health

In the United States, hearing loss is the third most common chronic health condition. A very concerning issue is that many people will wait years after beginning to experience the signs of hearing loss before seeking help. Too often people suffering from hearing loss will never seek help! Why can this be so dangerous? Untreated hearing loss has been linked in recent years to many negative impacts on an individual’s quality of life and overall health.



Our ears and the ability to hear clearly are essential, just like any of our other primary senses. When we are suffering from hearing loss and ignoring our hearing health, studies have shown that very serious health risks become far more likely. The risk of developing mental and cognitive conditions, including Alzheimer’s and dementia, increase the longer that hearing loss is ignored. Hearing problems and declining hearing health have also been connected to social isolation and increased depression and anxiety, which can also lead to problems in the workplace.         

Seeking Help Makes A Difference

Detecting hearing problems early and seeking treatment often results in hearing loss being drastically slowed down and serious health concerns being avoided altogether.

Making an effort to improve your hearing health is a two-part process. Everyone can start with having a free hearing test completed. Medical professionals even recommend that all adults 50 and older have hearing evaluations scheduled annually to monitor their hearing health. This can make a big difference since many people start to experience the symptoms of hearing loss and do not realize the seriousness at first.

Improve Your Hearing Health By Knowing The Symptoms

The second step to focusing on your hearing health is to know the symptoms that you should be looking out for. The most common symptoms associated with hearing loss are:

  • Straining to understand higher-pitched voices and sounds
  • Difficulty following conversations when multiple people are talking
  • Believing many people you talk to are mumbling
  • Yelling or raising your voice often without realizing it
  • Asking people to repeat themselves regularly
  • Misunderstanding and not hearing what others are saying often

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If you are experiencing some of the above symptoms, or already know that your hearing is deteriorating, take a moment to call Beltone Chicago today and let us schedule a free hearing test. Be proactive with your hearing health and improving your quality of life. Whether your hearing loss is caused by a temporary blockage or infection or it is a degenerative condition, seeking treatment is the key to finding answers and improving your health.


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